Conoderus auritus    

Dry mixed prairie (Brooks, 1960).

Adults have been collected from mid April to mid July.

A small species. The tarsal claws bear setae, and the 4th tarsal article bears a narrow ventral membranous lobe. The 1st antennal article is flat and triangular. The pronotum is yellowish-red with a pair of larteral dark bands of variable size. The elytra vary from black to yellowish-red with black markings. 4.5-6.5 mm.

life history
Larvae live in soil. In the United States, larvae are an agricultural pest with a one or two year life cycle.

Uncommon to rare.

Medicine Hat to Lethbridge. In North America, recorded from Alberta to Nova Scotia, south to Georgia and Missouri.

species page authorFuller, E. R.2004 

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