Tipula borealis    

Possibly moist, humid climates as those found out east.

Late May to early June.

Head and mouth whitish yellow with yellow palpi (Walker 1848). Antennae pale yellow with hairs,base of each joint brown; brown ventral thorax with five tawny stripes with middle stripe the broadest, decreasing in length and width going out; side of thorax yellowish white (Walker 1848). Dorsal thorax greyish; abdomen tawny with hind boarders of segments paler; legs tawny, hairy and slender (Walker 1848). Wings pale grayish tawny, irregularly colorless beneath the fore wing, which is yellow; veins dark tawny. Length of body approx. 8mm; wing span approx. 16mm (Walker 1848).

life history
Complete metamorphosis; no other information known.

It is not known if this species is threatened.

diet info
Not known.

Wisconsin to Connecticut to Nova Scotia, south to Kansas and South Carolina. Middle to Northeast North America (Stone 1965).

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