Chionea alexandriana    

Possibly on hills near mountainous areas.

Possibly early February to about late March.

Adults are wingless. Antennae five segmented, segments four and five short and cylindrical, segment four with bottom, and five with long golden hairs, longer than all 5 antennal segments together (Garrett 1922). Antennae, palpi, head, thorax, abdomen black, brownish in bright light, covered in whitish, powdery granules. Head with some black hairs as long as halteres on thorax (Garrett 1922). Legs brownish black with rows of black hairs on tibia and tarsi. Male genitalia solid, somewhat conical half way and the color of the abdomen and fleshy; claspers horny with inside point modified on the outside. Female genitalia with four valves, tergal pair flat, sword-like; from base a little curved up at tips (Garrett 1922). Length about 5mm and width about 1mm.

life history
Complete metamorphosis with larval stage probably in summer; no other information known on this species.

It is not known if this species is vulnerable.

diet info
Not known.

British Columbia and Alberta (Stone 1965).

species page authorBaschuk, R.2005 

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