Eudeilinia herminiata    

common name     Northern Eudeilinia

Mesic deciduous woodland.

Adults have been collected in Alberta from late May to July.

A small to medium-size (2.5-3.0 cm wingspan) moth with immaculate translucent white wings. Some specimens may have very faint brown or orange antemedian and postmedian lines crossing the forewings and continuing on to the hindwings. The body is shorter and thicker than similar appearing species of geometrid moths, and the labial palps are black; there is also dark shading on the forelegs. The antennae are simple in both sexes, which are alike. See also the geometer moths in the genera Protitame and Cabera.

life history
There is apparently a single annual brood. The adults are attracted to light The larva is described and illustrated in Wong and Ives, 1988.

An uncommon but widespread species; no concerns.

diet info
In Alberta, larvae have been found on Dogwood (Cornus)(Ives and Wong, 1988), which is also the reported host elsewhere.

From Nova Scotia south to Louisiana, west to Alberta. It has been collected in central Alberta, in the southern boreal forest and aspen parkland zones

species page authorAnweiler, G. G.2003-11-14 

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