Habrosyne scripta    

common name     The Scribe, Lettered Habrosyne

Deciduous woodland and forest.

In Alberta adults have been collected from the last week of May through the last week of July.

H. scripta is a medium-sized moth (3.0-3.9 cm wingspan). The forewings are yellow-brown or grey-brown with pink-tinted whitish areas along the costa and in the basal and post-median areas. The median area has a series of four or five fine concentric looping lines. The hindwings are grey-brown. The antennae are simple and the sexes are similar. Not likely to be mistaken for any other Alberta moth. The very similar Habrosyne gloriosa should be watched for; it has been reported from Quebec, Wyoming and the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is more robust, a bit more colorful, and has a more angled median part of the pale antemedian line on the forewing.

life history
The adults are nocturnal and come to both lights and sugar bait. There is a single brood each year.

A fairly common and widespread species; no concerns.

diet info
Reported host plants include birch (Betula sp.), various briars (Rubus sp.) and lilac (Syringa vulgaris) (Handfield, 1999).

H. scripta ranges from Labrador to Vancouver Island, south to North Carolina and Mississippi. In Alberta scripta has been collected throughout the wooded areas, north to Zama and Ft. McMurray and south to Calgary and Dinosaur Provincial Park.

species page authorAnweiler, G. G.2003-12-03 

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