Phausis nigra    

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Two large kidney-shaped translucent spots in the anterior portion of the pronotum, directly above the eyes, separate this small beetle (5-7mm) from most of the Lampyridae found in Alberta. It can be differentiated from the similar P. rhombica by characteristics of both the pronotum and scutellum. The pronotum of P. nigra is much more evenly rounded anteriorly, in contrast to the angled, trapezoidal pronotum of P. rhombica. The scutellum of P. nigra is spatulate (pear-shaped), lacks the apical notch and median groove present in P. rhombica, and has sparse, coarse punctures (Fender 1966).

life history
Where females are known in other Phausis species, all are larva-like and luminous. Males lack light organs (Arnett 2001).

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Though P. nigra is not known from Alberta, collectors have found specimens in Fernie, B.C., and it is possible that this species ranges into the Crowsnest and Waterton areas of southwestern Alberta. It is only known from B.C., ranging from Fernie west to Merritt, and from Trinity Valley south to Creston (Hopping 1937, Fender 1966).

species page authorHummel, J. D.2004 

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