Acasis viridata    

common name     Olive-and-Black Carpet

Mature deciduous and mixedwood woodland.

Adults have been collected in Alberta from late April through early July.

A relatively small (1.8-2.0 cm wingspan) broad-winged dark grey and dark olive-green and black geometrid moth. The green color may fade to yellow in collections. The median and subterminal areas are somewhat darker, and the lower end of the postmedian line is doubled and has white scales. The hindwings are grey-brown with a faint median line and discal dot.

life history
Poorly known. There appears to be a single brood. Adults come to light.

No concerns

diet info
Larvae feed on the flowering heads of Viburnum sp. (Handfield, 1999).

Labrador to BC; south to Wisconsin and Florida in the east and Colorado in the west. In Alberta it has been collected on the southern edge of the boreal forest in the Edmonton region.

species page authorAnweiler, G. G.2004-12-10 

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