Arphia conspersa    

common name     Speckled Rangeland Grasshopper

This species is found in forest clearings and grasslands (Vickery & Kevan 1986).

Adults present from May to July, sometimes into September (Vickery & Kevan 1986).

Arphia conspersa is a medium sized grasshopper that ranges from light brown to blackish brown in colouration. Tegmina are usually light brown and without speckles. The base of the hind wings are brightly coloured, and may be yellow, orange, pink, or red. The depressed area of the vertex (top of the head) is longer than it is broad, which is a diagnostic characteristic of this group (Vickery & Kevan 1986).

life history
Arphia conspersa overwinters as a late nymphal instar. Completion of the life cycle can range from one to two years, although they are generally univoltine. Both females and males crepitate in flight when disturbed. Males attract females using stridulation (Vickery & Kevan 1986).

Not of concern.

diet info
Arphia conspersa is a mixed feeder, although it prefers grasses and sedges such as Stipa, Agropyron, and Carex (Vickery & Kevan 1986).

This species occurs from Alaska to Ontario, and as far south as Mexico (Vickery & Kevan 1986).

Synonyms include: Arphia frigida Scudder, S.H. 1875, Arphia canora Rehn, J.A.G. 1904, Arphia infernalis Saussure, 1884, Arphia aberrans Bruner, L. 1905, Arphia teporata Scudder, S.H. 1876, Arphia arcta Scudder, S.H. 1876, Arphia pallidipennis Bruner, L. 1905 (from Arphia conspersa Scudder, 1875).

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