Chrysopa nigricornis    

Forests, shrubby areas, orchards and weedy areas.

Head - Scape unmarked. Antennae brown-black. Maxillary palps amber-brown apically. Labial palps amber. Clypeus brown-black posterolaterally. Frons unmarked and slightly swollen. Genae markings go from faint red-brown near eyes to blackish blotches near mandibles. Vertex unmarked. Thorax - Pronotum with whitish setae. Small dark cervical marks anteriolaterally. Forewing with amber setae. Veins are pale green, while crossveins darken at the middles or ends. Legs pale and claws are excised. Abdomen - Setae amber.

Common chrysopid in many regions.

diet info
Adults and larvae are predatory.


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