Abagrotis discoidalis    

Dry prairie grassland with greasewood.

Alberta adults are on the wing late June through mid-August.

One of the small western species of Abagrotis. Superficially they resembles A. hermina in having dark brown forewings and pale hindwings. However they can be easily separated from other species of Abagrotis by the dark streak passing through the orbicular and reniform spots, and in particular by the black filling in the space between the two spots. Even in poorly marked specimens some evidence of this streak will show. In this character they resemble some species of Euxoa.

life history
There is a single annual brood. Adults are attracted to light.

An uncommon local species, but no obvious reasons for concern.

diet info
The only known larval host is greasewood (Sarcobatus vermiculatus) (Lafontaine, 1998).

A western species, ranging from the dry interior of WA , OR and CA, west to n. AZ and NM, CO and north into southern AB. In Alberta it has been found north to Dinosaur Provincial Park

species page authorAnweiler, G. G.2005-01-10 

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