Aglossa cuprina    

common name     Grease Moth

The single collection was from a badland area.


A large, yellowish-tan or clay colored Pyralid with a wingspan of 18-23 mm. The forewings are yellowish-tan and heavily shaded with dull rose and gray. A diagnostic character is the many alternating dark and light markings along the costal margin between the AM and PM lines. The hindwings are pale white. Aglossa caprealis is the same size but the forewings are dark luteous gray with little or no pinkish shading (Forbes 1923). Aglossa pinguinalis is larger, grayer and has darker hindwings. The members of this genus belong to the Family Pyralidae, Subfamily Pyralinae, Tribe Pyralini.

life history
No information available.

Known from a single Alberta collection.

diet info
Unknown. Possibly a scavenger like Aglossa caprealis.

A New World species, generally distributed in the United States. Not reported from Alberta by Bowman (1951). A single specimen was collected at light at Tolman Bridge on August 9, 2002. It was determined by Dr. Brian Scholtens, who also provided helpful comments about the species.

species page authorBird, C. D.2009 

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