Agriphila plumbifimbriella    

Native grassland areas in the mountains and foothills of southwestern Alberta.

Late June to the end of July.

A smallish crambid (18-20 wingspan). The forewing very pale ochraceous with orange-brown scales arranged in lines along the spaces between the veins; terminal line with a row of seven brown dots, lacking a distinct yellowish-orange shade. Hind wing pale gray. Similar to Agriphila ruricolella but the latter lacks an antemedial (AM) line, and when present, the line that parallels the termen does not curve inward lower down (see image). The genitalia of Agriphila plumbifimbriella and Agriphila ruricolella are very similar. Agriphila ruricolella is also close to A. vulgivagella but the latter is larger and the front of the head is produced and conical while the front is flattened in ruricolella (McDaniel et al 1984).

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Unknown but probably grass roots.

A North American species described from the Kootenay region of British Columbia (Dyar 1904). First reported for Alberta from Lethbridge (Kearfott 1905) then Bowman (1951) recorded it from the Waterton area.

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