Metallus capitalis    

Unknown for adults, larva reared from Raspberry

Unclear, possibly two generations per year, adults have been collected from May to September.

Adults: Females only, males unknown. Black sawflies 4.0 mm long, legs yellowish. Teeth of lancet (saw) lobed and rounded at apex, each with a anterior and posterior tooth near the ventral margin. Metallus sp. can be distinguished by the hairy mesonotum and wide pedicel. Larvae: Poorly described but resembling Metallus rohweri. Metallus rohweri distinguished by cylindrical body, slightly dorso-ventrally flattened with a white head capsule. Head is also diamond shaped from above. Brown crescent shaped marks over each proleg. Thoracic legs are 5 segmented with a tarsal claw. Metallus capitalis lacks plates on the ventral portion of the thorax visible in larvae of M. rohweri. Adapted from Smith 1971 and Goulet 1992.

life history
Unknown. A leafminer. Smith (1971) surmised there may be two generations per year. based on the long season with most adults collected in August. While larvae may resemble those of M. rohweri adults can be distinguished by yellow legs.

Unknown, presumably not of concern

diet info
Larvae have been reared feeding from the Rosaceae on Rubus (Raspberry). Otherwise unknown.

Smith (1971) stated likely transcontinental across northern US and southern Canada.

species page authorMacQuarrie, C. J. K.2004 

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