Dichelonyx kirbyi    

Prairie species found in highlands, often on roses, sometimes found in woods.

Adults collected in early summer from May to July

Fairly large member of the genus Dichelonyx compared to other Alberta species, 8.5-9.5 mm. Entirely pale brownish yellow with slight green or purple reflections in certain lights; clypeal suture not impressed; head and pronotum closely punctate, transverse apical sulcus deep and near apical margin (Downie & Arnett 1996: 685). Also known as D. testacea, and possibly D. linearis.

life history
Larvae C-shaped grubs likely found underground feeding on roots of grasses, commonly called "white grubs" considered pests in nurseries. Adults feed on foliage at night and can also be considered of economical importance.

Not likely in need of protection but rather proper identification and reduction in use of confusing synonyms.

diet info
Adults and larvae phytophagous, larvae likely feed on roots of grasses in pastures or turf.

Found throughout Alberta's prairie habitats as far north as Edmonton.

species page authorPeterson, R. A.2004 

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