Dichelonyx fulgida    

Alpine, subalpine, adults closely associated with conifers.

Adults collected primarily in June and July.

Adults 8.5-9.5 mm, similar in appearance to Dichelonyx backi but larger, often head, pronotum and limbs much lighter, clearly testaceous not black, if dark, then elytra not as bluish green as backi having purple to reddish overtones medially.

life history
Similar to other Dichelonyx with respect to the larval stage but the adult is unique in feeding on conifer pollen.

Seemingly less common than other Dichelonyx species in Alberta but this may just be as a result of being on the edges of the species range.

diet info
Larvae fossorial, feed on roots, adults on pollen of conifers such as whitebark pine Pinus albicaulis (Kegley et al. 2001).

Mainly found farther south along mountain ranges in the United States, in Alberta collected only from a few localities such as Waterton.

species page authorPeterson, R. A.2004 

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