Homaemus bijugis    

5.7-8 mm. Both Homaemus aenifrons and H. bijugis may possess paired eliptical patterning on the pronotum immediately behind the eyes, however H. aenifrons typically lacks the distinct yellow submarginal stripes on the head which are characteristic of H. bijugis (though some faint striping may be present) (McPherson 1982). Additionally, H. aenifrons is generally somewhat larger than H. bijugis.

life history
It appears that this species overwinters as adults and is univoltine (McPherson 1982).

diet info
Phytophagous. This species has been collected from various plants, including timothy grass, alfalfa, wheat, prairie and blue-grass pastures at forest-edges, and on other grasses (McPherson 1982).

Found throughout the United States, while in Canada only known from British Columbia, Alberta (1 specimen in the Strickland Museum from Medicine Hat), Saskatchewan and Manitoba (McPherson 1982).

species page authorTatarnic, N. 

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