Agulla adnixa    

common name     Snakefly

Arboreal, some tree or bush cover necessary.

This species can be told from others of the same genus by abdominal and genital differences, especially on the males. In males, the tergite and the sternite of the ninth segment are totally fused, while fusion is only partial in other species. On that segment is a plate found to be the gonopophyses. On posterior side of this are thin spurs, which are wider and larger in other species (Ferris and Pennebaker, 1939).

Raphidopterans in general are thought to be fairly rare, and they are less common in the Nearctic than the Palearctic, so Agulla adnixa is unlikely to be common.

diet info
Agulla adnixa are carnivorous and the adults feed mainly on aphids and other similar insects. The larvae are also carnivorous and feed on the eggs and larvae of other insects, especially Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, and Coleoptera. (Asp÷ck, 2002).

Agulla adnixa is found throughout North America, ranging at least from California through Colorado and Utah and into Canada.

species page authorElias, A.2005 

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