Amphion floridensis    

Clearings and edges with flowers.

In Alberta, one record of an adult in June.

A medium-size (3.7-5.5 cm. wingspan) large-bodied moth with dark chocolate brown wings. Forewing crossed by several rather indistinct and irregular darker bands, in particular a rather wide median band split near the upper end. The hindwing is crossed by a wide, dark rusty orange band. Fringes very broadly checkered black and white, giving them a scalloped appearance. The dark brown abdomen is crossed by one or two narrow pale yellow bands, which are diagnostic.

life history
The adults are diurnal, and visit flowers during the day and evening. Alberta is at the extreme northern edge of the range, and it is unlikely that there are any established populations here. The one known Alberta specimen however appears very fresh.

Extralimital. No concerns.

diet info
No Alberta data. Elsewhere reported to use Ampelopsis, Grapes (Vitis) and Cayenne Pepper, Parthenocissus, Epilobium, and Evening Primrose (Oenothera), (Covell, 1984; Handfield, 1999).

Throughout much of eastern North America, north into southern Canada. It is rare (accidental ?) in southern Alberta, north to High River.

species page authorAnweiler, G. G. 
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