Chlorochroa congrua    

In the United States, this species is typically found above 9000 ft. (Buxton et al. 1983).

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The anterolateral margins of pronotum reflexed; scutellum without median, longitudinal, yellow stripe, but with white apex; rostrum extending to last coxae. Smooth embolium with apex 3-fold the width of the base, and a white costal margin. Pygophore with well developed submarginal ridge, the margin tumid, shallowly excavate and truncation arcuate. Length 9-11 mm.

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This species is reported from Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming (Buxton et al. 1983). Scudder and Thomas (1987) report its first Canadian record from Mt. Norquay near Banff Alberta from 1922 (Eric Hearle at UBC).

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