Chlorochroa faceta    

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This species tends to be elongate, ovate; with anterolateral margins of pronotum reflexed. C. faceta is green with conspicuous scutellar median longitudinal yellow stripe and the tongue of the scutellum with a black margin. This distinctive stripe will separate this species from other western Canadian species (Thomas). Rostrum just surpassing the metacoxae; continuous ventral margin of the pygophore with low carina across ventral posterior face and subtended by broad medial flange. Length 9-11 mm.

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Reported in the United States from Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming (Thomas 1983). There are records for this species from Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as Manitoba though the Manitoban specimens appear to refer to Chlorochroa belfragii (Scudder and Thomas 1987). In Alberta the species is recorded from Lethbridge (E. Strickland).

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