Chlorochroa opuntiae    

Found on Opuntia polyacantha (Scudder and Thomas 1987).

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This species has a robust, oval deep bodied shape and a color ranging from green to purpleish black. C. opuntiae has the anterolateral margins of its pronotum thickened and reflexed. This species has a long rostrum obtaining its 4th abdominal sternum. Ventroposteriour protuberance of pygophore low and broad. This species exhibits regional variability with the northern specimens darker and near 16 mm in size and the southern specimens green and smaller (Thomas 1983). Length 11-16 mm.

life history
Esselbaugh described this species as being found on prickly pear cactus (Thomas 1983).

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diet info
Found on Opuntia polyacantha (Scudder and Thomas 1987).

In the United States, C. opuntiae is reported from Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Washington and Wyoming (Thomas 1983). This species is known only from Alberta in Canada (Thomas 1983).

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