Cicindela cinctipennis cinctipennis    

common name     Grass-runner tiger beetle

Adults prefer sparse grass on clay soils in prairie grasslands; also on saline and alkaline soils.

Adults of this subspecies have been collected in June and July.

Adults of Cicindela c. cinctipennis are small slender beetles; elytron with an unbroken marginal band, and the middle band may be distinct or reduced. Adults of C. cinctipennis imperfecta are slightly larger; elytron with the marginal band greatly reduced, or at most the humeral lunule is represented by a small spur which joins up with the middle band.

life history
Adults are active during midsummer.

This subspecies is moderately rare in Alberta.

diet info
None available.

The range of this species extends over the western half of United States and Canada (extreme south) with isolated populations in northern Alberta and Yukon Territory. Cicindela c. cinctipennis is found in the southern fifth of Alberta and near Peace River in the north.

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