Cicindela decemnotata    

common name     Badlands tiger beetle

Clay, sandy, or gravel soils often along cowpaths and roads; often captured on clay alluvium.

These beetles have been collected in May, June and August, and are also expected in July.

This green or violaceous tiger beetle is characterized by reduction of the humeral lunule and a long, descending arm of the middle band of the elytron. The violoaceous form is common in the Peace River region. However, the vilolaceous color may be an after-death artifact.

life history
Adults are known to overwinter.

This species is moderately common in Alberta.

diet info
None available.

This species is found in the western third of United States and Canada, with isolated populations in Alaska and Yukon Territory. In Alberta, the range is disjunct, with a population in the north, and the other in the southeastern fourth of Alberta.

species page authorHilchie, Gerald J. 
species page editorShpeley, D. 

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