Pterocormus instabilis    

Male: 12-15 mm from head to posterior tip of abdomen. Thorax entirely black except for scutellum (which is red). Abdomen red-orange with black band on anterior portion of segments 3-5, first two abdominal segments all black. Head all black, except mandibles which can be brownish. Antennae with 35-40 segments, black with white band covering middle portion. Coxae, trochanters, and femurs all black, rest of legs red-orange. Hind tibiae can be black on distal third. No female specimen available for study.

life history
Unknown, host probably a Lepidopteran of the family Noctuidae or Arctiidae.

Only recent record from central Alberta, location of holotype (original specimen) unknown.

species page authorHaughian, S.2004 

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