Pterocormus devinctor    

Male: 20-23 mm from head to posterior tip of abdomen. Thorax black all over, except for tegula, scutellum, and prepectus (which are orange). Abdomen, antennae and tarsi burnt orange in colour. Head mostly black; frons, clypeus, and mouthparts yellow to orange. Antennae 45-50 segments long, brown at base, orange at tips. Coxae, femurs, and distal portion of tibiae black, trochanters and proximal portion of tibiae orange. No female specimen available for study.

life history
Known hosts include Prionoxystus robiniae (Peck), Sthenopis spp., Cossus spp.

Common in the northern states and southern Canada.

From Quebec west to B.C., south to Montana and Colorado, North to the southern portion of the North-West Territories.

species page authorHaughian, S.2004 

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