Pterocormus funestus    

Male: 15-20 mm from head to last abdominal segment. Thorax black except for yellow/orange scutellum, tegula, and prepectus. Abdomen with black and yellow/orange on segments 2-5, posterior segments black. Head black with yellow/orange frons, clypeus, and mouthparts. Antennae with approximately 30 segments, mostly dark brown, lightening towards tip. Coxae all black, femur black on top only to entirely black. Tibiae and tarsi yellow/orange on pro and mesolegs, metalegs with dark brown to black tarsi and tibia dark towards proximal portion. Female: 15-20m from head to posterior tip of abdomen. Thorax similar to male, abdomen and scutellum red. Legs similar to male (except for single tibial spur on each proleg).

life history
Little currently known, host is likely a Lepidopteran of the family Noctuidae or Arctiidae.

East to New York, south to Nebraska, north to central Alberta.

species page authorHaughian, S.2004 

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