Pterocormus lachrymans    

Male: Thorax black except for scutellum, tegula, and prepectus. 3rd and 4th abdominal segments reddish-orange (darker on top), rest of abdomen black. Head black except for frons, clypeus, and mouthparts. Antennae with appriximately 35 segments, reddish in colour. Pro and metacoxae all black, mesocoxae with black and yellow. Tarsi orange, tibiae orange except for black ends on meta-tibiae. No female specimen available for study.

life history
Host not currently known, but likely Lepidopteran of the family Noctuidae or Arctiidae.

Common in the great lakes region and New England states.

Newfoundland south to New York, west and north to central Alberta.

species page authorHaughian, S.2004 

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