Gyrinus maculiventris    

More likely to be collected from surface lentic waters. Also found on surface lotic waters.

May to August. Most Frequently collected July to August.

Elongate and moderately convex (Fall 1922). Dorsum of abdominal segments 4-7 medially black, abruptly changing to orange laterally (Oygur and Wolfe 1991). Hardened fore wing (elytra) with 11th row (most lateral) of elytral punctures (stria) close to margin in apical half (posterior of body). Elytra shiny, lacking evident microreticulation. Apical margin of male genitalia (aedeagus) sinuate, basally flattened. Male length 5.0-5.9 mm and width 2.8-3.1 mm. Female length 6.0-6.5 mm and width 3.1-3.4 mm (Oygur and Wolfe 1991).

life history
Has been collected in schools of mixed species also containing G. minuts, G. pectoralis, and G. picipes (Fall 1922).

Not apparently threatened.

New Brunswick to Alaska. Alaska south to West Virginia.

species page authorEsch, E.2006 

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