Zophodia grossulariella    

common name     Gooseberry Fruit-worm

Parklands, boreal forest and bogs where gooseberry and currants occur.

Adults have generally been collected in Alberta in May.

A small (2.0 - 3.5 cm wingspan), grey micro moth with a slender, grey body. The slender forewings are light grey in ground color with a paler, whitish costal margin, a blackish discal spot, a black and white distal zigzag cross-band, and a broad, black basal cross-band. The broad hind wings are whitish with pale-brown powdering, especially along the margin and the veins.

life history
The larvae live inside the fruits of currants and gooseberries (the genus Ribes spp.). They are pale green with brown head and thoracic shield. There is one annual generation and the moth over winter as pupa. As a result the pupal stage is very long (up to 10 months). Because of its diet, the Gooseberry Fruit-worm is often considered an important pest of gooseberry and currants.

The species is widespread and often common. Not of any concern.

diet info
No rearing data from Alberta. But the moth is reported to feed on a variety of currants and gooseberries (Ribes spp.)

Widespread in Canada, northern USA, temperate Asia and Europe. In Alberta it seems to occur where food plants are present.

species page authorSimonsen, T.2007 

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