Limnephilus externus    

Smaller Carexponds and sloughs.

Adults fly from late July to early October.

Adult antennae are uniform yellowish brown and the spurs are hyaline to yellow. Forewings are grayish brown with hyaline areas. In males, the posterior edge of tergum 8 with a distinct bulge clothed in black, stout setae. The mesal face of the cercus and the ventral portion of the distal edge have a row of black teeth. Clasper tip is upturned as a black spine (Nimmo, 1971).

life history

Very common.

diet info
Larvae are detritovores.

This species is Holarctic in distribution, extending from Great Slave Lake, south California, east to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. In Alberta, this species occurs in the mountains and plains (Nimmo, 1971).

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