Synaxis formosa    

Prairie badlands.

The only Alberta record is for early September.

A relatively large and robust geometrid, wings grey-brown with heavy, dark grey speckling. Forewing more elongate than usual for this group, with a slightly falcate tip and slight mid-margin points. Dark, jagged AM, PM and subterminal lines, hindwing slightly lighter and with PM line only. The narrow forewing, large size and jagged transverse lines are unique among the larger fall-flying geometrids

life history
Unlike other species in this genus, formosa does not have bright yellowish colouration to mimic fall colours; it's colours are much more subdued, matching the light browns and greys of the end of summer in dry prairie habitats. Virtually nothing is known of this species biology, and the immature stages are undescribed.

Known in Canada from only two localities. More survey work needed.

diet info
The larval hostplants are unknown.

Riske Creek to Lillooet, BC and Dinosaur Prov. Park, AB; south to southern CA and CO (McGuffin 1987, Fischer et al. 2000).

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