Pterostichus ecarinatus    

In conifer forests in somewhat moist areas.

Adults collected in late summer (no Alberta specimens available).

Member of the amethystinus group, (subgenus Hypherpes). Piceous black to almost brown, no metallic sheen, appendages more or less paler. Prothorax with no sinuation, or barely perceptible, before obtuse hind-angles. Shoulder tooth weak. No femoral tubercle in males, and last sternite has only an opaque (more densely microsculptured) spot. Length 9.5 to 13 mm.

life history
Believed to overwinter in the adult stage.


diet info
Both larvae and adults are predatory.

This species is recorded from only Washington, Idaho and Montana in the United States, and British Columbia and Alberta in Canada. Published records indicate that this species has only been collected in the extreme southwest corner of Alberta.

species page authorLindroth, Carl H.1966 
species page reviewerPeterson, R. A.2004 
species page editorShpeley, D.2004 

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